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Urstis is a mythical fantasy world inspired by authors like J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Cristopher Paolini. It was created through the ideas of several imaginative people, and is dedicated to medieval fantasy lovers! Enjoy reading and may it inspire you! Torsk Membar!

NOTE: Many of the articles on Urstipedia are very incomplete, due partly to the fact that this wiki is new, and also because there are to be no spoilers for the Urstis book. (Well, maybe a few...)

Urstis[edit | edit source]

Urstis is a continent of gigantic proportions in Anor, or, the Mortal World. It is divided into two primary regions, Northern and Southern Urstis, which are separated from each other by the expansive Noroth Sea. The southern half, while containing its share of dangers and inhospitable locations, contains the greatest amount of civilization. The former however is much more perilous and hostile, being home to a large number of wicked monsters and fell creatures.

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